Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Cable Length:
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Product Code: AC-TMPRJ126


TempAlert's wired temperature sensors connect to WiFI & Cellular gateways, in lengths up to 200'.

Connect up to 4 wired sensors for Cellular & WiFi gateways, or connect wired sensors to the expansion jacks on Wireless Sensors.

Length options: 6', 15', 30', 50', 100', and 200'.

Feature Highlights

  • Available up to 200' in length
  • Temperature Range: ± 0.5º C (± 1.0º F) between -10ºC and 60ºC
  • Flat wire design for easy fridge & freezer installation

Compatible with models:

TM-WIFI220, TM-CELL200, TM-CELL300, TM-CELL400, TM-CELL500, TM-CELL500-S, TM-WIFI330, TM-CELL400-Z, TM-CELL400-Z-IND, TM-ZP200, TM-ZP200-TH, TM-ZP200-RP


- 20ºC to +60ºC (- 4ºF to +140ºF) - optional expanded range -200°C to +600°C probe available (at additional cost)




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